A new dimension in sleep monitoring for your baby, with a cry sensor and notifications.
Send voice messages to your child wherever you are! Range doesn`t matter.
Provide quality sleep for your child. Play their favourite songs, fairy tales and lullabies. Upload your own files or buy online.

A dedicated app for mobile devices

• electronic nanny with cry detection
• GPS triangulation and safety zone setting
• audioplayer with an online store
• white noise emitter to alleviate baby colic
• voice messenger to communicate with your child
• full remote control over the toy regardless of the range


Don`t worry about your child’s safety. Use GPS triangulation when the child is on their way to school, out on a walk, when you`re shopping at the supermarket, or when they stay under someone else`s care.
The app will give you the exact location of your child as well as access to a history of recent locations.

Quality sleep for your child

Improve the quality of your child`s sleep. Use the sleep monitor, play lullabies or their favourite songs. Set a lullaby to play automatically when the child starts crying. Use a white noise generator to alleviate painful baby colics.


Thanks to ihippo you can have more time for yourself. You can control the toy remotely via your mobile device from anywhere on the planet. You can turn the toy on and off, control battery usage, range, send voice messages, listen to the toy`s surroundings, play lullabies.

Play time

Our plush hippo is not only a monitoring device, but also a play-&- learn toy with an MP3 player and fun applications. Download new apps that will keep your child engaged and expand their horizons.


Send and receive voice messages via an embedded application. Use the messenger app whenever you`re not nearby but want to say something to your child. iHippo can also send voice messages to other hippos.


iHippo can address children by their name. Choose your child`s name from an available list to add an intimate touch to the child’s experience. Every time iHippo „talks” to the child it will precede a message with the child`s name, for example: „Hello Kate! Would you like to send a message to your mommy?”

Our product has been manufactured with due care

• made in Poland
• soft and huggable fabric
• washable
• granulate in the toy`s paws
• suitable for both girls and boys
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